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Protective Agency in Turkey

Heisenberg Shipping offers the best protective agency service at Turkish ports. Our Protective Agency service covers a total of 28 ports which are the main dry bulk ports of Turkey. Our main strategy is to deliver full protection to the interests of our principals during the port call as OPA or CPA.

Your local eyes and ears: physically present, globally covered and sustainably operated.

Heisenberg Shipping’s Protective Agency service aims to be your local ears and eyes while you are far away. This concept covers the complex local regulations, supervising the nominated port agent, negotiating on your behalf on the costs, and making sure that your dry bulk vessel arrives and departs smoothly.

In a port call, there are many parties involved with different interests. In many ports, the party that has the dominant power may drive the operations to their favor. In this point, charterers/cargo owners or sihpowner’s rights and interests need to be protected.

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Most of the time the nominated port agent acts to favor the shipper’s interests. This is why we believe that a fast, reliable, locally powerful and transparent Protecting Agent is very valuable for shipowners and cargo interests(charterers).

During a conflict arises, our own local office involves immediately to make sure that the conflict is solved without or minimum damage/cost/time loss to our principal.

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Protecting Agency Service: Problem Resolution and Supervision

Safeguarding Your Interests under Turbulent Conditions

There are very different types of parties and operations that get involved in a port call of dry bulk vessels. This includes the shippers or receivers, stevedores, port authorities, transportation companies, and so on. Apart from this, a great chain of parties involve on the shipowning side such as the charterer, head charterer, disponent owner, operator, and registered owner.

On the other hand, there is the nominated Shipping Agent. This agent may have been nominated by either the shipowner or the charterer. In either case, the appointment is made by the shipowner, and the shipowner is the sole principal of the port agent. In today’s world, most of the time the charterers force owners to accept putting their agent’s name to the Charter Party.

An obvious conflict of interest occurs mostly when there is the charterer’s nominated agent which is appointed by the shipowners. In this scenario, the port agent is intended to favor the charterer’s interests since the charterer is the actual party who creates the business for that agent.

Our job to make sure that you get the smoothest port operation at minimum possible costs with real-time and transparent information flow. Our comprehensive protective agency service includes following main ponits:

  • Checking the costs, D/As, and forms given by the nominated port agent.
  • Intermediary for the transactions of owners’ payments to nominated port agent and/or other parties
  • Supervising the vessel operations and reporting them to the principal
  • Negotiating on costs and berthing schedules to minimise the costs.
  • Drawing Statement of Facts and time sheets for the LayTime purposes through our Smart LTC® software.
  • Preparing the LayTime statement to register demurrage or despatch claim to the respected parties according to the Charter Party.
  • Problem resolution and avoiding conflict of interests when needed.

As a protective shipping agent in Turkey, we are committed to the terms and regulations issued by Turkish Maritime Association of Shipowners and Ship Agents.

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