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Turkish Straits Transit Agency

Heisenberg Shipping offers transit strait agency services through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits in Turkey. Heisenberg Shipping also provides a range of services for vessels during the Turkish Straits transit passage. Under Covid-19 measures, our team makes sure that your vessel passes through in both directions of Bosphorus and Dardanelles smoothly. We provide professional transit assistance to your dry bulk vessel at competitive rates.

Transit Strait Agency Service of Heisenberg Shipping: The easiest link between East Mediterranean and Black Sea

With an increasing number of vessels assisted during the transit passage of Bosporus and Dardanelles, Heisenberg Shipping’s Transit Strait Agency service amazes the shipowners and operators. Turkish Straits are known to be playing a key role in the trade from or to the Black Sea as they are the only way to reach Black Sea ports. Considering the busyness of the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits, time and cost management during the transit passage becomes highly important. Heisenberg Shipping ensures the safe passage of vessels in these crucial transit routes, making them the top choice for shipowners or operators looking for Transit Strait Agency in Bosphorus and Dardanelles.

Heisenberg Shipping offers a smooth and safe passage to the vessels passing through the Turkish Straits in both directions (Northbound & Southbound). Our own ship agency personnel in the Istanbul office takes possible necessary actions in order to make sure that your dry bulk vessel passes with minimum waiting time at the safest possible manner.

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During the passage of your vessel at the Turkish Straits, we also arrange supply and crew assistance services at the most optimum conditions. Our services at Turkish Straits include but not limited to the following,

  • Providing relevant information for transit in the Bosphorus strait, ensuring the shipowner/charterer/operator has the necessary details for a safe passage.
  • Expert coordination of transit in the Bosphorus strait, guaranteeing the smooth flow of vessels in this busy shipping route.
  • Offering comprehensive agency services, covering all the needs of vessels during transit in the Bosphorus strait.
  • Offering anchorage area services, allowing vessels to safely anchor in designated areas during transit in the Turkish straits.
  • Expertise in delivering spare parts, guaranteeing the timely arrival of essential components during transit in the Turkish straits.
  • Package service for those who are looking for Shipyard Agency in Yalova or Tuzla, Turkey.
Dry Bulk Vessels

In 2022

Assisted with Strait Transit Agency Service

Bosphorus Strait Transit Passage Agency Service

Up To 235M LOA, We Are at Your Service in Bosphorus Transit Passages

As Heisenberg Shipping, we provide full Transit Strait Agency service to our customers at Bosphorus Strait. Since our main segment is dry bulk vessels, our transit passage agency service covers dry bulk vessels up to 235M LOA.

Bosphorus Strait is located in the city of Istanbul which is the largest city of Turkey. Due to its geographical location, Bosphorus Strait is the only way to reach Black Sea from East Mediterranean or from East Mediterranean to Black Sea. This makes the Strait very busy and waiting times can go up to a week.

A map showing the Bosphorus Strait Passage way in Turkey as an idea for the shipowners, ship agencies, charterers and dry bulk ship operators.

Heisenberg Shipping, thanks to its close relations with local authorities, makes sure that you vessel’s waiting time to be kept at minimum.

Dardanelles Strait Transit Passage Agency Service

Up To 235M LOA, We Are at Your Service in Dardanelles Transit Passages

Dardanelles Strait is the South entrance of the Marmara Sea. This is the point where the Mediterranean Sea links to the Black Sea via Marmara. Dardanelles Strait is in Çanakkale city. As Heisenberg Shipping, we provide full transit passage agency service for dry bulk vessels entering or leaving the Black Sea via Dardanelles Strait.

The same LOA regulation of Heisenberg Shipping also applies here. We safely assist the smooth passage of dry bulk vessels up to 235M LOA at Dardanelles.

A map showing the Dardanelles Strait Passage way in Turkey as an idea for the shipowners, ship agencies, charterers and dry bulk ship operators.

For Dardanelles passage, shipowners mostly prefer the Ships Supply or Crew Change operations to be handled in Bosphorus since it is an easy access point for them. In some cases where Bosphorus waiting times are less, we suggest our customers use Dardanelles for such Husbandry Services.

*Dardanelles Strait Entrance Coordinates,

South In / North Out: 40°01’19.1″N 26°10’17.0″E / 40°25’39.7″N 26°45’33.5″E

North In / South Out: 40°25’39.7″N 26°45’33.5″E / 40°01’19.1″N 26°10’17.0″E

**Bosphorus Strait Entrance Coordinates,

South In / North Out: 40°57’33.3″N 28°57’35.1″E / 41°13’56.7″N 29°08’07.0″E

North In / South Out: 41°13’56.7″N 29°08’07.0″E / 40°57’33.3″N 28°57’35.1″E

In summary, Heisenberg Shipping’s Transit Strait Agency is your dependable partner for efficient and trustworthy passage through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits. Committed to customer satisfaction, our agency offers a comprehensive suite of services and additional solutions to guarantee a seamless and trouble-free transit experience. From swift spare parts delivery to expert guidance, we prioritize your requirements and continually strive to deliver exceptional service.

Navigating the intricate Turkish straits can be challenging, but with Heisenberg Shipping’s extensive expertise and unwavering support, you can rest assured that your transit will be managed with the utmost professionalism. Whether you need passage through the Bosphorus or Dardanelles, our agency is fully equipped to cater to your needs and ensure a smooth voyage.

Opt for Heisenberg Shipping’s Transit Strait Agency to enjoy a reliable and efficient passage through the Turkish straits. Contact us today to discover more about our services and how we can be of assistance to you.


For Vessels Passing Turkish Straits

Notice DD 16 November 2022

The Government of Turkey issued a notice dated 16 November 2022 which requires all ships transiting or entering Turkish waters from 01 December 2022 (extended to 02 December 2022), to provide letters of confirmation from the owner’s P&I Club attesting that cover will remain in place under any circumstances throughout the duration of the transit or the time the ship is in Turkish waters or the time it is in a port or terminal.

Further Info

Notice DD 25 October 2023

Regarding P&I confirmation letter request by Turkish authorities from vessels carrying Annex I cargo, the Ministry of Transportation has issued a new update on 24 October 2023. According to this, vessels transiting Turkish straits are requested to submit sailing plan-1 (SP-1). Vessels which loaded Annex I cargo from a Turkish port and discharge at another Turkish port are excluded from P&I confirmation letter request while transiting the Turkish Straits. They should instead submit justifier documents (such as B/L, cargo manifest etc) along with SP-1 report to the Turkish authorities.

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